About Us

4C Philosophy

4CITY Community Leagues is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Its mission is to empower Bay Area youth with the “4C” philosophy through community youth sports leagues. It also provides scholarships to those in need regardless of their ethnicity, identity, background, and ability.

League administration and coaching are primarily done by unpaid volunteers, usually parents of current or former players. 

All programs and policies of 4CITY are directed by the 4CITY Board of Directors and its delegated league commissioners, according to the philosophy described on our About page. To reach the 4CITY Board, please email board@4city.us.

All 4CITY programs are operated according to the "4C" philosophy, which uses team-oriented basketball to teach young people the "4Cs":



sportsmanship, integrity, humility and kindness to others

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 belief in self, trust in teammates, willingness to fail

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compete hard, win with grace, have fun even when losing



collective before individual, regardless of ability, background or economic status