Updated 2021-22 COVID Protocols


4CITY will strictly follow all county and state guidelines while conducting our Winter 2021-22 programs. While these rules may change as the local counties update their health orders, we will err on the side of safety and may choose to enforce tighter restrictions than what is currently recommended. The safety of our players, coaches and referees is our number one priority.

Here are the current 4CITY COVID safety protocols:

  1. Players, coaches, referees and parents must wear masks AT ALL TIMES when inside any gym facility being used by a 4CITY program.
  2. All doors will remain open throughout each session to maintain airflow—please dress accordingly.
  3. Parents are not allowed to enter gyms during pickup, drop off, or practices unless they are a registered coach.
  4. Up to four parents or family members may attend games (of their players only) but must remain masked at all times (over nose and mouth) and sit separately with their group. Proof of vaccination is required for all spectators 12 and older and must be presented when asked.
  5. All coaches, scorekeepers and referees must be vaccinated.
  6. There will be a maximum of two referees, two scorekeepers, and two coaches per team allowed on the sideline during games.
  7. There will be a maximum of two coaches per team allowed in the gym during practices.
  8. Players must bring their own water bottles and be at least six feet away from all other players before removing masks to drink.
  9. Players who ask to remove their masks because of fatigue or discomfort will be allowed to so only when they are removed from the game or practice and safely away from other players and/or outdoors.
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