For all in-person practices and “competitions” we will be implementing strict COVID-19 safety rules as stated below. While these rules will change as the local counties update their health orders, we will always err on the side of being conservative to ensure players’ safety—always our top concern!

  1. Players are only allowed to be on the court (defined as one half of an outdoor court with one basket) with the other players and coaches in their “pods” or teams.
  2. A player health check form is required to be filled out online before each practice. 
  3. Outdoors only.
  4. No parents present. Kids are to be dropped off at the curb and parents will wait in their cars at pickup.
  5. Masks must be worn by all players and all coaches at all times, except during specified water breaks when players will be spaced ten or more feet apart.
  6. Six feet distance will be maintained by all coaches and players at all times. 
  7. Players will not be allowed to defend each other, but passing of the ball between players will be allowed during “shell” passing drills. Players will be required to use hand sanitizer before removing their masks after these drills.
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