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League Overview & rules

4CITY basketball rules differ slightly from the traditional game. The following summarizes some of the key differences. A full copy of rules can also be found here.

5 Periods

Unlike college (2 halves) or the pros (4 quarters), 4CITY basketball games consist of five 8-minute periods. During the first four periods, equal playing time among players is rigorously enforced. During the fifth period, teams may play their most competitive players. The five periods exist to allow easy enforcement of the player participation rule (see next) while allowing the games to remain competitive.

Player participation 

Every player who is in attendance at the start of the game must play 1 full continuous period in each half. Each player must also sit out 1 full continuous period before the start of the 5th period, so not to play the entire game. 

All player participation must be fulfilled by the end of the 4th period. No free substitutions are allowed before the 5th period. The only EXCEPTIONS are for Medical reasons and disqualifications.

The 5th period is at the Coach's discretion & substitutions are allowed. 

Note that this rule is STRICTLY enforced so if you plan on leaving after the first half & taking your child with you, please let the coach know BEFORE the game. Similarly, arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start of a game as late players disrupt the Player Participation rules. Lack of conformance may force a team to FORFEIT the game.

Running Clock

A running clock is used during those periods, meaning that the clock ONLY stops for time-outs or shooting fouls. If the score difference between the two teams is nine or less, then regulation time (clock stops on all change of possession) will be implemented for the final two minutes of the game.