Blacktop Leagues

The 4City Blacktop Leagues were designed to get kids back to playing competitive team basketball while we are waiting for indoor basketball to re-open after the pandemic. All kids welcome, grades 1st through 8th. Don't delay, space is limited!

* Returning 4City families can register on Wednesday, March 17th at 9:00 am. Registration opens Friday, March 19th for the general public.

ANNOUNCING our Spring '21 Blacktop 3-on-3 League

We are excited to announce 4City’s “return to play" plan. Outdoor basketball is now allowed in Santa Clara County with masks and we believe it can be done safely.

We will start in April with a six-week 4City Blacktop League: a 3-on-3 league with referees, played on outdoor half courts. We plan to offer another outdoor league this summer before moving indoors for 5-on-5 play this fall, or as soon as it is safe and courts become available.

Like many of you, we are very eager to get kids in our community back to playing competitive basketball—including the physical and mental health benefits (the 4C's!) that come with it—but we will move deliberately to ensure we can maintain the safety of players, coaches, fans, and referees at each step.

4City Blacktop will be a fun way to get kids back to playing team basketball in a safe competitive environment. Signups start on Wednesday, March 17th for returning families and Friday, March 19th for the general public. See below for details.

The program will run for six weeks, from Monday, April 12 to Sunday, May 23rd.

We will have five weeks of practices and "regular season" games each Sunday:

  • April 18th
  • April 25th
  • May 2nd
  • May 9th
  • May 16th

We will have one week of post-season culminating with a round robin style tournament (4 games guaranteed) on:

  • Saturday, May 22nd
  • Sunday, May 23rd

Players will be assigned to teams (6-8 players) in each of our divisions:

  • Boys 3rd/4th
  • Boys 5th/6th
  • Boys 7th/8th
  • Girls 3rd-5th
  • Girls 6th-8th
  • Coed 1st-2nd (8 foot hoops)

Teams will have one virtual training session each week (late afternoon or early evening using an app or browser, no basket required). Virtual practices will involve fitness and skills training by professional coaches from Team Esface. Focus will be on team skills needed for successful 3 on 3 play, including give and go, off ball screens, and pick and roll offense and defense.

On Fridays or Saturdays, teams will hold one 90-minute practice at a local park or outdoor school court, weather permitting. Time and location will vary with each team. Only coaches, team parents, and players will be allowed to remain at the court during practice—wearing masks and following all current social distancing protocols.

Players will get 2 or 3 games every Sunday, played in one 90 minute session. Time and location TBD based on division. If teams have 6 or more players present they will split into two balanced squads. Wins and losses will be tracked across all five weeks to determine seeds in the tournament.

  • Return Family Registration (PANJB families only): Wed, March 17th @ 9 am
  • Friends Registration (with referral only): Thur, March 18th @ 9 am
  • Public Registration: Fri, March 19th @ 9 am

FEES: $175*
*Fees include Nike swag, masks, and cover the cost of referees, online training sessions, insurance, etc.

All players registered for this program will receive a 4City Blacktop Edition jersey, a 4City shooting shirt, and a 4City mask (included with the fee).
  • Point limit. Games played to point limit (either 12, 15 or 21 based on division) by two and threes (only if 3-point line on the court).
  • One pass rule. Teams must complete at least one pass per possession before shooting, after the ball is checked or has been cleared. Note: the player who clears the ball still must pass it one more time. Failure to shoot the ball without completing this pass results in a turnover.
  • Clear. Ball must be cleared after every change of possession to the top of the court (not the sides) past the top of the circle or another line declared by the referee before the game. Failure to shoot the ball without clearing it first results in a turnover.
  • Out of bounds. All out of bounds are checked out top. Offensive player may dribble after the check. 
  • Fouls. All fouls result in one free throw. A make is worth two points unless it was an "and one" foul, in which case it is worth one point. Players cannot foul out but referees may remove a player temporarily or permanently for overly rough play or excessive fouling.
  • 20 minute time limit. At 18 minutes scorekeeper will call "last basket" and teams may keep playing until next point is scored.
  • Free throw tie breaker. If games is tied after 20 minutes, players will shoot free throws in a shoot-out format until winner is determined.
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