4CITY : Represent

4CITY:Represent is our spring and fall "club" program designed to keep our most passionate players balling year round without giving up other sports or activities. It is a healthier alternative to most club/AAU programs that cost $1000's, take up every weekend, and often fail to deliver on quality coaching and player development. 

Represent players have biweekly intense practices with 4CITY's professional coaching staff, and then "represent" 4CITY in flexible weekend games that include competing against other clubs in local tournaments, jamborees, or in-house scrimmages... all while adhering to our 4C Philosophy. Players practice with their age group during the week and then competitive teams are formed each weekend based on skill level and availability. 


We are excited to launch our fall 2023 4CITY:Represent season! A great group of professional coaches led by Coach Rob will lead all practices and games. This competitive but flexible program will help players develop their basketball skills, and sharpen their in-game decision making, while still being able to participate in other sports or activities.

The Fall '23 season starts the week of August 28th and finishes October 28th with each age group having two weeknight practices and weekend games/scrimmages.

See program details below.


  • Existing 4CITY Families: Tuesday, August 1st
  • General public (non PA residents okay): Wednesday, August 2nd

Space in each age group is very limited so please register promptly to ensure a spot.

FEES: $895
These fees cover all tournament fees, uniforms, gyms, referees, scorekeepers, and professional coaching by our head 4CITY coaches for ten weeks.

Full and partial scholarships are available on a need basis—please email scholarships@4city.us to apply. 

The spring Represent season will run for nine weeks from August 28th - October 28th. Players have two weeknight practices each week and flexible opportunities to play in competitive games on the weekend.

Weeknight practices (75 minutes):

  • Girls 3rd/4th: Monday/Wednesday @ 7:00 - 8:15 pm
  • Boys 3rd/4th: Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:00 - 8:15
  • Girls 5th/6th: Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:00- 8:15 pm
  • Boys 5th/6th: Monday/Wednesday @ 7:00 - 8:15 pm
  • Girls 7th/8th: Tuesday/Thursday @ 7:00 - 8:15 pm
  • Boys 7th/8th: Tuesday/Thursday @ 8:15 - 9:30 pm
  • High School:  Monday/Wednesday @ 8:15 - 9:30 pm

All teams have a regular Saturday practice/scrimmage, tentatively scheduled as follows: 

3rd/4th Boys:  10 - 11 am
5th/6th Boys PURPLE: 11 - 12 pm
5th/6th Boys ORANGE: 12 - 1 pm
7th/8th Boys: 1 - 2 pm
5th/6th Girls: 2 - 3 pm
7th/8th Girls: 3 - 4 pm

All players will have at least two weekends of game-play opportunities in local scrimmages or jamborees. A select team will chosen to compete in two additional AAU tournaments located in the greater Bay Area. Selection will be based on skill level and availability. 

While we are hopeful the worst of COVID is behind us, we are committed to continuing operation through any resurgence while following all county and state COVID and health guidelines. If your player is experiencing symptoms, test them as soon as possible. If players have a negative test, they can attend 4CITY practices and games but must wear a mask if exhibiting symptoms. Players who test positive may return to 4CITY practices/games after five days, or 24 hours after they stop exhibiting symptoms--whichever is sooner. 

All local scrimmages and practices will be held at one of the following Palo Alto gyms:
- JLS Middle School
- Fletcher Middle School
- Greene Middle School
- Palo Alto High School
- Gunn High School