Get Involved


4CITY league administration and coaching are primarily done by unpaid volunteers, usually parents of current or former players.

We always welcome additional involvement from parents and other members of our community! 4CITY Palo Alto would not exist without its passionate group of volunteers, many of whom commit countless hours to attending dozens of practices and games, enduring training and background checks, managing demanding parents, and motivating/controlling kids in noisy gyms.

4CITY administrators also spend hours planning, hiring, reserving and overseeing, in an attempt to ensure each kid has a fun, safe and positive experience throughout the season. 

The most common volunteer positions are:

  • Head coach
  • Assistant coach
  • Commissioner (2 per league)
  • Team parent (coordinator, distribute uniforms, gym rentals, etc.)

If you would like to volunteer for 4CITY in one of the above positions or in an alternate way, please contact